Face to Face Counselling





Sunflower offers face to face counselling between 9am - 8pm week days and between 9am - 11am on Saturday mornings. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.




Sunflower Counselling Cardiff uses an office in a beautiful converted synagogue in Pontcanna, Cardiff (map). The building does provide disabled access.


First Session


During the first session you can discuss your overall concerns and what you hope to gain from the course of counselling. This helps to keep the work focused and is especially important if you think that you want to work for a shorter period, e.g. six sessions. We want to ensure that you make the most effective use of your time. At the end of the first session you can agree with your counsellor what you hope to achieve and you'll both have a better idea of how many sessions you'd like. Of course there is no commitment to complete these sessions, if you want to stop at any time that is of course your choice.


How does Relational Integrative counselling work?


To a large extent the work is guided by the material that you choose to share in the room. The relational integrative approach used in Sunflower blends theory and techniques from the Humanistic (Person-Centred), Relational Psychodynamic and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) schools of Psychotherapy.


In the sessions, there is no magic, no hocus pocus. We strive to really listen to your story and to understand your position. We listen for patterns in your story and if appropriate offer you an alternative perspective that might enable you to gain a new understanding of your story ... or yourself ... or both. We will be particularly interested in your relationships ... to yourself, to those who have helped to shape your personality, those around you, the wider world and the counselling relationship as we work together.


The integrative approach looks to utilise creative techniques such as artwork, poetry, music, dreams, guided imagery all of which can help to reveal aspects of your story that is hidden in your subconscious. Additionally meditative techniques can be useful to combat the symptoms of a wide range of issues.


That said, these are your sessions and your journey, so you are always in control of the direction we take and the vehicle we use to get there.


Online Counselling - Coming Soon


Sunflower is in the process of setting up an online counselling service. This form of counselling can be useful for clients that are housebound or find it difficult to attend face to face counselling.


How does it work?


Clients can either choose to use a 'chat' based program such as MSN Messenger or the work can take place using email. Whilst email might seem a little 'clunky' it actually means that client and counsellor don't have to be in front of their computers at the same time. This means that there is even greater flexibility for the client.