As you might expect my clients prefer anonymity, however after I finish working with my clients I ask for feedback on the service I've provided.

When I ask clients for feedback, I ask a total of nine questions about the service I've provided and ask the client to rate their answer on a scale of 1 to 5 where:

1 = Strongly Disagree, 2 = Disagree, 3 = Neither Agree or Disagree, 4 = Agree, 5 = Strongly Agree

Below is the list of nine questions I ask and the average score from all respondents:

It was easy to obtain details about Sunflower Counselling   4.7
The initial contact was straightforward   4.8
The first session provided a clear explanation of the process   4.8
Appointment times were convenient   4.6
I was satisfied and felt comfortable with my counsellor   4.9
Counselling was useful   4.6
Counselling helped me to understand myself better   4.4
I would return to Sunflower Counselling if I felt I needed further sessions   4.9
I would recommend Sunflower to others   4.7

Overall from the clients that have returned evaluation forms it would appear that my clients are very satisfied with the service I offer. You can read more detailed testimonials that have been anonymised below.


Paul, 42

"Excellent counselling. Really got to the heart of my issues very quickly and help me work through them thoroughly"

January 2012

David, 52

“The counselling provided by Sunflower via Phil Hoffer provided me with the ability to fully understand the issues that I was trying to resolve within myself, I can verify that I would not have progressed as quickly as I have had it not been for the counselling I undertook, it was a very useful and productive process.”

May 2011

Gethin, 33

"I came to Sunflower Counselling knowing little about counselling and basing my decision to choose Sunflower on how reasonable they were on the phone compared with two other counsellors that I’d telephoned cold.

I was quite clear in my own objectives but unclear what we would talk about, Phil was good at setting out a way forward. My experience was one where I wasn’t in a personal crisis but I needed a neutral party to listen to my position and ask questions that friends and family wouldn’t readily think of. Phil was adept at this and I was able to reappraise my position and take confidence in the way forward that I’d chosen.

I was surprised at how quickly I had come to a personal resolution and Phil was really good at leaving the sessions open so that our sessions relied on my motivation to return. I would certainly ring Phil if I was ever in a place where I needed support out with my family and friends.”

May 2011

Bryan, 35

“Phil Hoffer comes across as warm, intelligent and knowledgeable. He saw me at short notice and provided some very useful counselling. I would recommend him.”

March 2011

Robert, 25

A friendly and comforting service that remains strictly professional

"I do feel that Sunflower Counselling’s intervention was positive. Naturally, therapy requires exposure and judgement, yet I felt comfortable and judgement free with Sunflower Counselling. A friendly service, with no personal attachments. A service that truly cares.”

March 2011

Bernard, 64

“Counselling is unknown territory; the journey you are going to take is a mystery. But I found the ability to talk openly and comfortably with a professional person a good navigational aid. For a start, the counsellor has knowledge of how the mind works and is able to point out that many of our personal worries are rooted in recognisable psychologies – naming them and illustrating their contribution to our psyche does sometimes help. That is not to say that my counsellor (Phil) had a fixed view of the ‘problem’ and its label and remedy. That would not have felt helpful. He was able to reflect back and direct my train of thought, helping me to see myself in a clearer way. Issues emerged through what I felt was a very natural and healing way; he didn’t bring solutions but gave me the ability to reconstruct the ‘problems’. I was also guided to particular books and ideas that allowed me to take charge of the therapy. It was a creative and enlightening experience.”

February 2011

Bloye, 59

“I went to see Phil for one year, he was a sensitive caring person who helped me get through a tough time after my mother died. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to see him if I need to, I was privileged to meet him.”

January 2011

Kate, 51

“My counselling sessions with Sunflower have given me an insight into why I feel the way that I do. I have learnt to explore my emotions and where they come from. I would recommend Sunflower and have already passed the phone number on to an associate looking for counselling.”

September 2010

Jacob, 46

“Phil conducted the sessions extremely professionally and managed to take all the information I fired at him with ease and his recall of what I had discussed made me feel that he valued what I had to say. I came to Sunflower with an open mind and achieved what I wanted from the sessions. In my particular case I was more interested that what I was going through actually made sense and although I wanted Phil to express an opinion it was clear that he wanted me to come to my own conclusions. I would strongly recommend Sunflower especially if you think you don’t need to talk to anyone”

April 2010

Lydia, 26

“I felt that talking therapy was useful in putting my issues into perspective. It was good to have someone else to confide in and talk to other than my friends and family. ”

April 2010

Tom, 33

“Many thanks indeed for all the help, support, and useful insights. I definitely learned a thing or two about myself and experienced a few revelations along the way. All in all the experience was thoroughly useful and indeed enjoyable”

February 2010

Keith, 50

“I undertook counselling to help me better deal with a particular situation and it helped a good deal. It was less about helping me understand myself better although some aspects did get clarity and I learned some techniques to help in this specific situation. I felt very comfortable and will use more sessions if required”

December 2009

Kevin, 25

“Thanks for your time and emotional energy. The help is respected and highly regarded. I have ultimate respect for your care”

August 2009