The relational integrative approach that we utilise is underpinned by a set of values (see Faris & Van Ooijen) that inform our work. They are:



Whether we like it or not, humans are social creatures that are embedded within social networks. Therefore, we come to rely on each other in order to survive.


There is no single reality

Each of us can observe the same situation or event and come away with a different experience as a result of our belief systems and life experiences.


Thought processes and behaviour are formed through a combination of experience and interpretation

As human beings we are constantly observing events around us. As we do this we try to make sense of the proceedings by using past experiences as a guide. We then behave in a way which we believe is appropriate for the situation, whilst monitoring how others around us respond to that behaviour.


Clients are more than just a set of symptoms

We believe that a client is more than just a set of symptoms to be treated.



A client only ever presents a small subset of their life in the counselling room and as such the client has a vast array of resources that are not immediately apparent.



Clients are parts of much wider groups or systems such as nation, country, continent, race, species, eco-system, planet and universe. This also extends to cover a sense of spirituality and whatever that means for each client.