Counselling Cardiff. Sunflower provides counselling in Cardiff on many issues incl abuse, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationships, anger management & bereavement


Sunflower Counselling Cardiff offers a professional, ethical and sensitive service, utilising a Relational Integrative approach to psychotherapy.

Why Counselling?

Talking to a professionally trained counsellor allows you to explore the areas that are difficult for you. In my experience, clients find the opportunity to express their deepest difficulties in a supportive environment to be a key benefit of counselling. But don't take my word for it, take a look at some client testimonials.

Why choose Sunflower Counselling?

My name is Phil Hoffer and I'm the founder of Sunflower Counselling. I'm a compassionate, caring counsellor that strives to 'meet' you in your world. I work to help you untangle your difficulties so that they become more manageable. I can then help you to acquire new perspectives &/or new skills to help you overcome the issues that you face.

I have received excellent training that is accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am an Accredited member of the BACP and I adhere to their ethical framework.

BACP Register of Counsellors & Psychotherapists

I attempt to work in a straight forward manner, keeping mumbo jumbo to a minimum and I can work in a variety of ways to suit your situation. more >>

Working with handpicked counselling associates, Sunflower offers a caring and compassionate service.

We offer face to face counselling sessions based in consultation rooms in Pontcanna, Cardiff.

We offer competitive rates.

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Feedback for Sunflower Counselling has been compiled from 33 customer reviews

Counselling Reviews
Service: ++

Phil are very good and understandings I know that is his jobs but for him to understand me is difficult as my problem and my speaking !! Phil help me though my hard time and gives me a good advice for me to understand myself as I don't seem to see that myself!! thank you Phil

Service: +

Insightful and helpful counselling session provided by Phil at sunflower,would highly recommend this service

Service: +

Phil is a wonderful person, and genuinely empathetic.
I'm afraid I didn't get what I needed from our sessions, and was in confusion about what the point of our time together was.
I felt almost like talking into dead space with no idea what should happen next.

Perhaps not the right form of therapy for me, but I appreciate his time none the less, even if we didn't get to do any 'work'.

Service: ++

Phil is absolutely brilliant at what he does . He is very approachable and the genuine interest he takes in helping you unravel your story shows his passion for his work. The way in which Phil facilitates our sessions is empowering; he enables me to turn my fears into strengths, to understand the workings of my mind and helps me to look at things from different angles as to clearly understand the possible causes and outcomes of my emotions and actions. The effects of our sessions are long lasting, enabling me to use the tools I aquire during the sessions even after a long break between visits. A very professional service. Will definitely use sunflower counselling again and highly recommend this service.

Service: ++

I found Phil an understanding and caring counsellor with also a logical approach. He was perfect for what I needed. He helped me look at things in different ways. He was open to creative ways of communicating. I enjoyed my sessions and he helped me through a tough time. I would definitely see Phil again in the future.

Service: ++

Phil hoffer has excellent professional ability and has proven to me with his actions that he really does care about the people who trust in him. His way of connecting with me felt tailored exactly to my understanding this aided my recovery rationally and with the most stable and long-lasting solution. I would recommend Phil to anyone as the service I received really did change the way I dealt with my anxieties, problems and general outlook on life. I think before my problems started I was a strong well balanced individual, with Phil's help I am ten times the person I was then.

I have not seen Phil in a while but would love the chance to thank him for making me better than I could ever imagined.

Service: ++

I thought the counseller was , was very welcoming and thoughtful

Service: ++

Felt at ease & everything was explained

Service: ++

I found Phil to be an understanding and effective counsellor. Four sessions with him was enough to help me through a difficult time and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone in need of counselling.

Service: ++

An absolute god send in my time of need!!

Service: +

Thank you. A release and relief coming to sunflower counselling during a trying time. Phil was calm, understanding, down to earth and empathetic.

Service: ++

Thank you for providing a safe and gentle space. You were very kind and insightful.

Service: +

I thought the service was good , however I feel I need a female counsellor .
I still need counselling but find it difficult opening up to a guy .
Sorry Phil . U did help me get things into a better frame of mind
And think differently . I value the experience but cannot afford to pay for counselling right now so have decided to keep fit and go training for my depression instead . Many thanks
Dee x

Service: ++

Phil is a fantastic counsellor who is very understanding and we'll qualified to perform the job correctly. He was a true help in me becoming better. I'm ever so grateful.

Service: ++

Very grateful!!

Service: +

Whilst I'm not sure whether the counselling worked for me or not, what with being an over thinker, having someone to talk to was helpful. I didn't feel judged and I felt like Phil listened to me. Each time I came back he would recall our conversations despite the length of time between each session.

I do intend on returning.

Service: ++

Phil was great.

Service: ++

Working with Phill has helped me better understand my anxiety and the root of it. I can't recommend him highly enough. I feel his services are of use to everyone and are something I will access for any mental health or wellbeing need in future.

Service: ++

It was along journey for me but ultimately well worth it. Phil's patience and understanding felt like a lifeline to me at times. I feel in a much better position now and better equipped to tackle life.

Service: ++

I went to Phil in a very desperate state of mind with mental health issues and not able to wait for an nhs appotment.

I had used councillers in the past without much success so i was sceptical at first.

Phil offered me a different way of managing my issues. Rather than just talking about my issues (which did happen) I was able to look at how to manage myself and my issues on a daily basis through different methods.

Through the guidance of Phil and various scenarios we went through,I was able to work out what my issues were and accept and understand some of the things that troubled me.

I found I did a lot of the talking and problem solving myself which at first worried me a bit, but with Phils guidance my life has now improved a lot and I have the tools in place to battle my mental health issues

I would highly recommend Phil and would be happy to use his services in the future.

Adam 34 year old project manager with ocd and anxiety.

Service: ++

The service I received was always professional and compassionate and I consistently felt I was listened to, heard and understood in a truly genuine manner. What also struck me was how there were no blurring of boundaries, as I had recently qualified in the same profession. The relationship was always 'client' and 'therapist' which was very clear from the beginning and very much appreciated, as previous counselling experiences had created confusion for me when the relationship became confused and at times I was unsure whether I was with my counsellor, supervisor or tutor.

Service: ++

Phil was really great, and whilst i hate to use the term life changing, the sessions were life changing.

He has a great manner, and was very good at bringing out myself to myself. I learned a lot about myself, and I would recommend Phil to anyone else who wants a counsellor who listens and works with you.

Highly recommended to anyone!

Service: ++

Having had a bad experience with a different counsellor before working with Phil, it took me a long time to finally giving counselling another try. I looked up all the counselling services in Cardiff on line and finally decided to book a session with Sunflower Counselling. The website gave me a warm and personal feeling, I felt the person who the website represents must really care about what he does.

Each session I have had was powerful and helped me to understand my emotions better. I had weekly sessions for a few months then followed by irregular sessions. Knowing that Phil is always there to help me made such a difference. I am now in a better place ever in my life because I have found inner peace. Booking my first session with Phil was one of the best life-changing decisions I have ever made.

Service: ++

I felt very comfortable with Phil. Easy to talk to and non-judgemental. Excellent listener and quick to appraise situations, concepts etc. He has helped me a great deal and in doing so has saved my relationship. Many thanks and good wishes for the future.

Service: ++

Phil is a very friendly but professional counsellor. I felt totally at ease immediately. He spoke with me like a normal human being and made me feel he was genuinely interested in my life and a way forwards. I would definitely recommend him and utilise the service in the future. The room is large and fresh with plenty of light and the chairs are really comfortable.

Service: ++

I have found my time with Phil Hoffer very beneficial: in helping me to rebuild my confidence. Together we have covered a number of topics and issues - and I am now trying to be more social and active. Recently I have been feeling a lot better thanks to help from Phil, and my suportive family.

Service: ++

I found it very helpful

Service: ++

Phil is very skilled as a counsellor.I have had some experience of counselling before in a different context.Phil put me at ease, was clear about the process and was very empathetic , sympathetic , reflective , stimulating and challenging.His counselling allowed me to reflect on a difficult personal situation in ways that I had not considered before and , as much as was possible , reach resolutions.I am grateful to him for this and would unreservedly recommend him to other potential clients.

Service: ++

I found my counselling sessions with Phil very beneficial. He is very down-to-earth and I felt that I could open up to him in a non-judgemental atmosphere. I found his use of diagrams really helped to put certain scenarios into a wider context and enabled me to work out my position in them. I certainly felt that I made a great deal of progress with my issues through my sessions with Phil, and would not hesitate to use him again in future.

Service: ++

It was a pleasure working with Phil, definitely help me. I strongly recommend

Service: ++

Well I would like to say it was amazing to spk to Phil. I would like to go back as he has helped me a lot in what has happened and I feel 100 times better about my self and where I was in a dark hole I seem to be out of it now. He is a really nice guy to deal with very understanding I felt very welcoming every time I went.

Service: ++

In my experience Phil offers a highly professional, knowledgeable and creative counselling service. I received counselling from Phil while I was a counselling student and gained many insights into my ongoing personal development training. I was held in a very safe, warm, honest and collaborative space to explore some painful difficulties that were being presented in my life. Phil is innovative and empowering is his style and has an ability to connect person-to-person in many meaningful ways. I was able to gain new perspectives and understandings of myself, the world, and those around me - through the work we did together. My relationships are much more positive today because of this!
I have highly recommended Phil to fellow counselling students and to others in my personal life and will continue to do so.

Service: ++

I received excellent service which really helped me at a really bad time on my life. I would highly recommend this service and would not hesitate to go back myself if I needed to.

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To provide a professional and ethical service in a safe and supportive environment that will allow clients to explore their difficulties.



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